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friluftsliv Conservation Halton Foundation Gala

CodeNext was proud to be a part of this year’s Conservation Halton Foundation Gala. The theme of the Gala was the Scandinavian concept of friluftsliv. Literally, this word translates to “free air life” but a more meaningful definition is “a lifestyle that is focused on being outside and a culture that encourages a deep connection with nature”. This event brought together the industrial feel of a warehouse venue, with the stunning restoration results of the surrounding quarry and elements of nature'; which were integrated into every aspect of the event, until the lines between “inside” and “outdoors” were blurred. With a dress code of “rugged-formal” there was delicious food, inspiring presentations, a series of interactive experiences, music and other entertainment, a bonfire on the beach and exclusive access to the award-winning Kelso Quarry, before it is open to the public.

CodeNext helped with the event by producing a Life Safety Evaluation Report. Specifically, we evaluated the life safety measures that were in place or proposed for the event, inclusive of building systems and management features, upon which reliance is placed for the safety of the event occupants. The intent of our report was to identify conditions that may cause a threat to occupant safety and the recommended measures to reduce the associated fire and smoke hazards. The goal was to reduce the potential danger to life from fire and related emergencies within the building.

CodeNext also enjoyed being invited to the event and putting together our own version of what “rugged-formal”.

Gerald Bourne