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CodeNext Inc. is the next generation of building and fire code specialists. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, CodeNext employees are perfectly suited to assist building owner/operators, designers, developers, contractors, and local authorities in complex building designs for Code compliance and permit submission. With a key focus on quality and thoroughness, and a varying background in Code application, CodeNext is the best solution for your fire protection, life safety and barrier-free compliance reviews. 

Specifically, CodeNext engineers can assist Clients in fire protection and life safety services for new and existing buildings of varying complexities. Services may include the provision of: building and fire code compliance evaluations, evacuation analyses, alternative solutions and/or engineering judgements, site investigations, life safety commissioning, risk assessments, life safety studies, fire safety plans, building condition assessments, and interpretations and opinions related to industry codes and standards.  

Our experience includes assessments of townhouse developments, high-rise condominiums, office fit-outs and/or office towers, retail malls, assembly occupancies such as arenas, stadiums and theatres, hospitals and health-care projects (i.e. retirement homes), and industrial facilities of all hazards.




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Areas of Practice

building code

CodeNext engineers are fully knowledgeable and experienced with provincial Codes as well as the National Building Code of Canada and the International Building Code and associated reference standards. This knowledge and experience is applied to each design review to provide a thorough compliance assessment and to develop alternative compliance approaches, where necessary. The goal in each of our reviews is to assist the design team in achieving their performance objectives while satisfying the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction; in order to expedite the building permit application process. 


The local Fire Code requires fire safety planning as a legal responsibility for many building owners.  Each building is unique and, therefore, it is important that a fire safety plan is created specifically for that site.  CodeNext will create or update fire safety plans for commercial, industrial, retail, residential, institutional, and special project applications. CodeNext may also provide  evacuation maps and passive graphics, Fire Safety Plan boxes, and in-house training and fire drills.  

notice of violation

Has a fire inspector undertaken an audit of your property and identified areas of non-conformance through a notice of violation or order to comply? In order to remedy these deficiencies, an engineering firm is required to assess the issue(s) and assist you in providing an acceptable solution. With extensive building and fire code knowledge, CodeNext engineers are available to review the area(s) of concern, provide remedial recommendations, and prepare a formal response on your behalf.

fire code

Where the Building Code mandates how buildings are constructed, the Fire Code mandates how they are to be inspected, tested, and maintained with respect to fire protection and life safety. Whether it be through retrofit requirements or through risk assessments, the Fire Code requires that all buildings maintain a minimum level of performance . Industrial buildings, warehouse facilities, laboratories, hospitals, and distilleries are some examples of building occupancies that have the potential for increased fire hazards. This may be the result of the use or storage of combustible or flammable liquids, gaseous substances or the other hazardous materials. CodeNext engineers have the experience to develop risk assessments and to assess a property to ensure that all fire and life safety hazards are mitigated in an organized method that considers operational and physical control systems.

BUILDING condition assessments

Often times, in order to undertake any renovations, you need to understand how the building functions from a fire and life safety perspective. This may include an assessment of how the building was constructed (i.e. fire-resistance ratings), the original occupancy of the space, or understanding which upgrades are required to meet current Codes. The requirements of the Building Code are only applicable to areas undergoing renovation or change of use. Conversely, some requirements of the Fire Code are retroactive. CodeNext engineers can assess an existing building and provide a comprehensive analysis of all required upgrades as well as provide recommendations for increased fire and life safety, for consideration. This service offering can also include system life cycle assessments and costing.   


Having a team of professionals in a very specialized field means that we have lots of info to share. CodeNext offers the opportunity to train or educate others in all of the areas of expertise that we work in. This can range from informal presentations at a client location to a full day seminar in a formal environment. Contact us today for your Building and Fire Code training needs.


Building designs are becoming much more complex and designers are pushing the prescriptive Code boundaries with engineered approaches and alternative solution submissions. In some jurisdictions, the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction may require additional technical support to evaluate submitted permits, where their experience in specialized designs is limited. Alternatively, for federally regulated properties (where official building permits are not necessarily required), designers may choose to retain a third party to review the design for safety and liability purposes. CodeNext engineers can act as third party reviewers in either of these scenarios.  

alternative solution submissions

CodeNext engineers have extensive experience in the development of alternative solution submissions. With over 20 years of combined industry experience, and a full understanding of the intent of the Codes, CodeNext Inc. is your best solution for those unique or complex, performance based designs. Our team will work with your company to develop an approach that will help you meet your design goals and maintain an equivalent level of fire protection and life safety to local Codes.  


The demand for greater accessibility is increasing across the province and country. With the implementation of new regulations, acts and standards, CodeNext engineers can assist designers, building owners and the Authorities Having Jurisdiction in navigating all applicable barrier-free design and accessibility requirements relevant to their projects. CodeNext engineers strive to stay knowledgeable in this developing field through research, seminar attendance and committee involvement.  


We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.
— Winston Churchill


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